Newsletter Submission

Here's a summary of the requirements for submission to OCTA's newsletter:

  1. Pictures MUST be sent electronically and be in a .jpg or .gif format.  Please know that images might need to be edited for inclusion in our newsletter. Because of the size of the images, a shot of one or two people is always better than a full stage of people.
    Send us your pictures. Let others in the state see what kind of work you are doing.
  2. Text or copy should also be sent electronically, as that will be easier for us to manipulate and include, rather than us having to retype your information.

We will still be putting the monthly calendar of events on the website. Therefore, you might want to wait and send us pictures and stories of your successes AFTER THE FACT, rather than before. (However, if you are doing something wonderful or unusual and you have some strong publicity images that you want everyone to know about, send them on.)

Remember, this doesn't have to be just about your productions. We would love to include information on events, workshops, other training opportunities, news of awards or recognition you receive, etc. We're hoping you will take advantage of this and let OCTA spread the word statewide about the wonderful things that are happening locally.

Any questions, concerns, or comments, please email us at [email protected] or contact the offfice at (405)840-0788.