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SECOND SUNDAY SERIALS, Heller Theatre Company, Tulsa

February 11th, 2018 All Day

SECOND SUNDAY SERIALS, Heller Theatre Company, Tulsa

 “Second Sunday Serials”

 An Exciting New Project

 Beginning November 12th, 7pm on the Second Sunday of Dec., Jan., Feb., March and May

 Agora Event Center, 1402 S Peoria, #200

 Submission deadlines for interested playwrights are TBA.

 Heller Theatre Company’s dedication to fostering local playwrights takes us to our most daring

 and unique project yet. “Second Sunday Serials” allows playwrights to create new works one

 bite at a time over the course of the season, with audiences watching and deciding what to

 devour more of each month. Join us in developing episodic theatre that offers continuing sagas,

 new introductions, and a Choose-Your-Own-Story twist.

 Second Sundays will have 5 short pieces competing for bragging rights and royalties. With only

 3 audience favorites moving forward to the next installment, plays that don’t move on will be

 replaced by new pieces alongside the returning stories. While there is a serialized nature to the

 plays, each returning piece is a self-contained scene and short recaps will be provided to the

 audience to keep you in the know. What happens next? Find out on Second Sundays!

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