Library and Resource Center

     Scripts are available to members and theatre representatives through a simple checkout system. The library was begun through a large donation of scripts and theatre books from well-known educator and director, Clyde Rader, and became known as the Clyde Rader Library in 1970. Through the years, individual and theatre members have donated scripts and books to bring the number of titles to 1,800+ in 2000. 100 titles were donated in memory of Bill LaRue of Clinton's Southwest Playhouse and posthumous recipient of OCTA's 1997 Hall of Honor. The largest donation in recent years was a donation made by the Charles' Hair Estate. Charles was the Hall of Honor recipient in 1992.

     Only current OCTA members may check out scripts.  Scripts may be kept for 4 weeks.  Organizational members may check out ten (10) scripts at one time.  Additional scripts will not be loaned until the previous scripts have been returned.  There is no charge for checking out scripts, but a donation to cover OCTA’s postage is appreciated.  The lendee pays the return postage.  If a script is lost, you must either pay OCTA for a replacement or purchase a replacement yourself and send it to us.  Scripts are for perusal purposes only and must NOT be copied.

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