Why Become an OCTA Member?

  • Promotion of Theatre Events
  • A network for sharing and distributing props, costumes, and more
  • Help finding Directors for upcoming shows
  • Award nominations
  • Theatre Workshops
  • Additional marketing for shows
  • Invitations to OCTAFest, Youth Conference, and Festival Events
  • Enter to be a part of OCTA Invasion

What is an OCTA Invasion?

Beginning in 2019, we will invade YOUR theatre! Any OCTA Theatre Member can submit a request to have OCTA Members from across the state come to one of your productions and be officially invaded by OCTA.  We will pick one theatre each quarter and send the largest group of thespians to support theatre across the state.  You will receive an official OCTA Invasion Certificate, a showcase of your theatre on social media, a special newsletter sent to members, and the opportunity to share something you love!


OCTA is a proud and participating member of:

  • Oklahoma Arts Council
  • American Association of Community Theatres
  • Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits
  • Oklahomans for the Arts



Membership form must be completed for proper processing. 

(1) Membership Form link (below)

(2) If paying by credit card, click on Payment link  (below)