Julie Barnett

Julie Barnett


Julie K. Barnett is from Sentinel, Oklahoma and has been actively involved in many houses in the area serving, directing as well as acting since 1996. Her love for the art inspired her to return to college in pursuit of a Bachelor's Degree in Communication Arts with an emphasis in Theatre which she attained in 2007. Houses in which she has served include: 

Hobart Shortgrass Playhouse Inc., 

Red Carpet Community Theater in Elk City, The Stage Door in Yukon, and Southwest Playhouse Inc. in Clinton. She has served on two of the four Board of Directors and is currently serving at Red Carpet Community Theater. 

The collaborative effort and friendships formed during a production is what she finds the most rewarding. 

Her philosophy is: "Theatre is for the patrons. It is not about us, it's about them."